GARAD p.l.c




Garad p.l.c is a privately owned company based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Our company is established twenty five years ago by making the import marketing as an area of expertise. for the last two and half decades Garad P.l.c has been played a pioneer role in importing best quality electronics, Tyre and other distinguished consumer equipments for the vast demands of customers in the market.

Years of excellence in the sector enable us to notice the gap and customer needs in the market, acommercial purpose in the capital.
The expanding of immense population and the opening of many commercial businesses craved this need. Our construction business on real-estate building and rental service tends to reduce the pressure by providing best quality real-estate housing.

Our distinguished products and services are laminated to our values, missions and visions to bring the best outcome of marketing while keeping expansion of the business with quality and customer integration.
Our mission is to provide high quality and latest electronics products, to build suitable real-estate for modern life and business environment, to afford effective cargo trucks for rental service whilst offering a very fair and reasonable price.
Our vision is to be the leading importer of electronics products and machineries in Ethiopia and in eastern Africa at large, by providing paramount cargo rental service and real estate construction whilst offering unparalleled quality, distinguished purpose and effective service.
  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Integrity and team work
  • Serving customer’s demand
  • Offering competitive and fair price
  • Customers’ satisfaction